I’m in £9,000 of debt

“Debt” is a word that can spark many different emotions in us. A basic rate taxpayer in debt by anything over £1,000 is likely to feel anything ranging from anxiety and shame, right through to apathy derived from a “well, what can I do?” conclusion on the matter.

Recently, the news that reality TV star Mike Thalassitis committed suicide partly due to his mounting debts has been a stark reminder that debt can sadly take some people to the darkest of places, and destroy lives.

What follows is my own personal experience of debt which I preface by saying has been managed very carefully…

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How to become a digital nomad

If the digital nomad lifestyle appeals to you, once you’ve taken a long hard look at yourself for including the phrase “digital nomad” as part of your vernacular, you need to start putting a plan together for how you’re going to realise this ambition.

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How does Quidco work?

What is Quidco?

Quidco is a cashback website. They have partnerships with many different retailers, utility companies, gambling sites etc. Because it’s free to use, whenever shopping online, I urge everyone to start their search on Quidco.

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How to invest in 2019

Don’t! Get into cash instead. Many, including the likes of hedge fund manager Ray Dalio, are forecasting a market crash, possibly alongside a global recession, in the second half of 2019 / 2020.

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Long European Weekends for Less than £250

Research shows we derive more happiness from experiences than tangible goods. This fact, combined with European airfare often being cheaper than train travel, is why I’m a big fan of long weekends away on the continent.

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How to sell your own home

Here’s how, without any experience of selling houses and during a difficult time for the property market, I sold my home within 4 months, from initial listing to completion, and paid just £350 in estate agent fees!

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