What Covid Test Do I Need to Travel to Portugal?

The UK government has released its red, amber and green list of countries for travel to and from the UK from 17th May 2021. The green list (for which the requirements are the least severe) is currently rather short. Many holiday-starved, would-be travellers will note that Portgual is amongst the few European holiday destinations on the list and may now have their eyes set on an Algarve beach for this summer. But what are the testing requirements for travel to and from Portugal?

Portugal’s Requirements for UK travellers

First, let’s look at Portugal’s requirements for travellers arriving from the UK. To be permitted entry into Portgual, British holidaymakers must present proof of a negative PCR test that has been taken within 72 hours of departure (Source: Gov.uk). A free NHS-issued result will not be sufficient, you must pay for a test and there are several providers from which you can this test. The cheapest, most convenient option is a Randox at-home PCR test costing £60 (when you use discount code: ESTELA for 50% off).

The UK’s Requirements for travellers from Portugal

Next, let’s look at the UK’s rules for travellers returning to the UK from Portugal. As a “green list” country, a pre-departure Rapid Antigen test (costing £45 via Randox which you order and pack in your suitcase) must be performed within the 72 hours before your return flight. Then, once home, within 48 hours of landing back in the UK, a PCR test must be performed.

TUI’s Test Offer

The total cost for all tests (assuming all purchased via Randox) would therefore be £165- not cheap! However, if you book your holiday via TUI, then you can purchase the UK required tests (1x Rapid Antigen, 1x PCR) for just £20 via their bookings hub website. This would bring the total cost down to £80.

First time travelling since Brexit?

For many, this summer will be the first time travelling to Europe since Brexit took effect. At this time, there are no requirements for UK travellers to Europe to require a visa of any form. You can read more on this topic here.