Property Management Tips to Consider

Managing property becomes a more challenging task when there is a portfolio of properties to manage. Property management companies like Abode Manchester HMO services can take care of the task whether you have a single property, a second home to rent, or an entire portfolio of properties to provide you with a regular income. You can, for example, obtain a buy-to-let mortgage that will enable you to rent the house or houses out for more than the mortgage you pay and have that asset or group of assets to sell for a profit in the future.

During this article, we shall think of some tips to bear in mind when you are renting property. When you use the services of a property management company, however, many of these will be taken care of for you. They will take a fee but then it will be well earned for all the hassle it will take away from you as a property owner. Rent to buy mortgages will be more expensive than regular mortgages but do mean that you can earn money from your property and then have it for future use. Perhaps for your retirement.

With multiple properties, you can become something of a businessperson. You can be the equivalent of a silent business partner when your property management company is doing all the work.

To the tips then…

Find Good Tenants

Your buy-to-let property decision will work best when you have the best possible tenants inside your property. You can advertise for them, or your property management company can. You will ideally want professional people renting your property so that they have a regular income coming in from a stable job. It is a case of weighing people up as to whether they will make suitable tenants. 

Property management companies have the experience to know just who will make the best tenants but be mindful that you do want to rent the property out and not have it sitting empty for too long a period.

Keep an Eye on Maintenance

Without a property management company, you would be responsible for the maintenance of a rented property and should not just rely on your tenants to identify problems. A loose slate on the roof, for example, can mean that you might before long have a problem with a leaking roof, which will only worsen over time if left. That would mean a more expensive repair bill than would have before been necessary.

When tenants say that there is maintenance to be done this should be dealt with promptly by you or your property management company to keep tenants happy and wanting to stay and to maintain the value of your investment in resale terms.

Beware of mold! As a landlord, if you have mold problems within the property that aren’t dealt with you can become liable if your tenants get sick. Plus, what starts as a small problem area can spread rapidly and become and expensive structural problem. If you find an issue then just search in Google for mold inspection and your location so you can see the local professionals available e.g. mold inspection in Baltimore, MD. Use a trusted professional with good reviews so the problem can be solved once and for all.


Property management companies know the health and safety regulations inside out and so can assist you with that when it comes to inspecting properties on your behalf, with the help of those they employ to conduct such things.

Good Communication

There should always be a good line of communication maintained between landlord and tenant or property management company and tenant. This will more likely mean that rents are paid on time and that properties are kept in good condition. Everyone will be thinking of each other with the arrangement. They say that those good tenants can be hard to find, which may be true, but it is how you manage them once you have them inside your property that can make all the difference. 

Effective Financial Arrangements

The best way to collect rents is to have a regular direct debit set up at the bank so that the rents do not have to be physically collected but should automatically be paid from one bank account to another. In principle, this should work, although only if the money is in there to pay over. Tenants do get into financial difficulties and often give priority to the wrong things.

To ensure that rent does not end up in arrears, always keep a check on when rents are due and ensure that they have made it into your bank. A property management company can keep an eye on the tenants in that respect. You can better keep an eye on your bank account because of online banking facilities.

It makes sense to enlist the help of a property management company, as they can take care of all these tips above that you would need to think more about otherwise if dealing directly with tenants as a landlord.