Long European Weekends for Less than £250

Research shows we derive more happiness from experiences than tangible goods. This fact, combined with European airfare often being cheaper than train travel, is why I’m a big fan of long weekends away on the continent.

I managed to go on four of these last year. I thoroughly enjoyed each of them. So much so, that I can’t help but wonder why more people don’t indulge in weekends exploring Europe. Perhaps price is a factor? In an age of Skyscanner, Airbnb and Monzo (who don’t charge fees on foreign transactions), I still see a lot of travel agents and bureau de changes on the high street and, frankly, it annoys me!

I don’t understand why, upon deciding to book a holiday, many people’s default is still to go and see a travel agent. It strikes me as a costly and unimaginative option. Whilst some of the larger travel agents may be able to broker lower rates at certain hotels, most of these are soulless establishments, indistinguishable from one European city to the next.

I remember, not too many years ago, getting my currency exchange well in advance at the Post Office or whichever bureau de change was offering the best rate at the time. With Monzo, now I just pay on my card when abroad, and take out a bit of cash at an ATM at the airport upon landing.

Below are three options for long weekends. I’ve visited each of these cities and can attest they’re absolutely brilliant places to visit. The Airbnb apartments I’ve chosen are each in great locations, and rated 5/5 stars. This means they’ll be safe, clean and comfortable spaces. The dates I’ve chosen are based on setting the departure via the “Whole month” view, then selecting “Cheapest month”.

Paris ????????
Return Flights from London to Paris, Charles de Gaulle.
When: Thursday 9th May to Sunday 12th for £60 pp.
3x nights in this Montmartre – Mezzanine “artist studio” style apartment for £347.
Total Cost: £233.50 pp.
Spending money: Withdrawing £100 at an ATM with Monzo today gets you €115.16.

Copenhagen ????????
Return Flights from London to Copenhagen.
When: Thursday, 28th March to Sunday 31st for £33 pp.
3x nights in this central Copenhagen apartment near Nyhavn for £431.
Total Cost: £248.50 pp.
Withdrawing £100 at an ATM with Monzo today gets you €115.16

Lisbon ????????
Return Flights from London to Lisbon.
When: Friday, February 22nd to Sunday 24th for £75 pp.
2x nights staying in this loft apartment in Bairro Alto for £183.
Total Cost: £166.50 pp.
Spending money: Withdrawing £100 at an ATM with Monzo today gets you €115.16.

If you find some cheap travel dates or affordable, quality Airbnb accommodation, please share in a comment below! ????