About the Blogger


Welcome! ???? I’m Paul, founder of Money Tips Blog, based in Buckinghamshire, UK.

Money Tips Blog is a personal finance and lifestyle blog that draws on my own real-life experiences, research and opinions. I like to cover things like investing, property and saving money but I also write about a wide range of other topics.

The internet is full of really obvious, unimaginative and sometimes (sadly) false or outdated information and ideas. This site strives to be the exact opposite. I try to cover questions and angles that no other website has tackled. 

Whether it be through investing in a company or trying out a new app, almost everything you read has been tried and tested by me. These are things that have made me or saved me money- in some cases thousands of pounds.

I’m by no means a millionaire and don’t aspire to be. However, some financial milestones I’ve achieved independently, and that I’m proud of include:

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