How does Quidco work?

What is Quidco?

Quidco is a cashback website. They have partnerships with many different retailers, utility companies, gambling sites etc. Because it’s free to use, whenever shopping online, I urge everyone to start their search on Quidco.

On many occasions, I have been pleasantly surprised to see a vendor I was about to purchase from anyway, advertising a cashback offer via Quidco.

How does Quidco work?

Quidco receive a commission for referring customers to the companies they partner with. These referrals are tracked using cookies in your browser when you click on the “get cashback” link for the vendor you want to buy from. Quidco share this commission with you in the form of the cashback amount advertised. Sometimes this is a set amount e.g £10 for new customers, other times it’s a percentage of your sale.

How do I get started?

Creating a Quidco account is free and takes seconds. Upon signing up, simply browse the different categories of vendor Quidco partner with, and the corresponding offers. When you’ve found an offer you’re interested in, simply click on the link and shop as normal. The tracking is done automatically and you should receive a confirmation email from Quidco that your order has been successfully tracked within an hour. Receiving payment for you cashback can then take days, weeks or months, depending on the vendor.

My experience

I’ve been using Quidco since 2013 and, to date, have earned and been paid out £823 in cashback. Per year, this isn’t a colossal amount of money but it’s free money since these are things are I would have purchased regardless, not things I was incentivised to purchased because of the cashback offer.

As you can see from my top 10 payouts screenshot, I have had good success:

  • signing up to gambling websites as a new customer
  • switching utility providers, including via comparison sites like
  • opening an ISA with Nutmeg, which was my single biggest payout to date.

Let me know if you have any questions? I’ll post a video at some stage to complement this post, highlighting some good offers currently available to get people started!