How to become a digital nomad

If the digital nomad lifestyle appeals to you, once you’ve taken a long hard look at yourself for including the phrase “digital nomad” as part of your vernacular, you need to start putting a plan together for how you’re going to realise this ambition.

Arguably, unless you’re from a technical background, such as a developer, or you’re a “social influencer”, you’re going to struggle if you plan to just pack your bags and figure it out whilst lying on a beach in Bali.

Copywriting, aka content creation, aka writing articles, is the sort of gig that pretty much any literate being can do. However, if you’re not a seasoned copywriter, establishing a relationship with a business that needs regular copy can be very difficult.

That’s why Copify is the ideal platform for aspiring digital nomads. Copify is a marketplace connecting businesses and copywriters. At any given time, there are tens of jobs available. Since these jobs originate from a range of businesses, the topics they cover will be diverse.

Copify is also a great means of bolstering your income. My experience using Copify dates back to 2017 when my commute home from work included a 45 minute bus journey. I figured this was dead time so I started doing blog posts and would usually complete them shortly after returning home. So each post was taking me around one hour to complete.

In total, I completed 27 jobs and earnt £157.55 so that averages out as £5.85 per article. Now, in a way, that’s terrible because it’s lower than the UK minimum wage. However, the flexibility to be able to accept a job whenever you feel like it, work from the comfort of your own home or, better yet, a hammock in Thailand, makes it more appealing.

Copify Review

The only other caveat to becoming a Copify writer is that some of the jobs on offer tend to be on the dry side / require a fair amount of research. To give you a flavour, here are some of the article titles I wrote about:

Cheese wholesalers: who’s got the cream of the crop?

Selecting a gift for the man who has everything

Probiotic Acidophilus

So, as you can see, there really is a broad spectrum of jobs on offer. It’s also worth noting that, once you’ve completed a certain number of jobs, you become a “Professional Writer”, meaning you get access to posts whereby Copify have committed to the client a higher standard of copy and thus you are paid more for these jobs.

Can I really make a living off this?

According to Nomadic Matt, backpacking in Thailand (which seems to be a sort of Mecca for digital nomads) costs ~$30 / day. So that’s 4 – 5 articles / day to cover your costs; hostel, food and drink, etc- not too bad!

Do you have any experience making money whilst traveling, or writing for Copify? If so, I’d love to hear from you! Please drop me a line:

My Copify payouts


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