The 3 Best Side Hustles To Make Extra Money

It’s a good thing to save money where you can, especially with prices for our everyday needs rising so fast. In addition, you should be trying to make more money so you can truly get ahead instead of just treading water. Luckily, this is a great time to make extra money since there are so many side hustles that you can do.

There are many that can be done online so you can work wherever and whenever you want – you could take surveys, write short pieces here and there, and even play games for real money. Others can be more traditional where you are providing an in person service. You may just need a little bit of inspiration to find the best option for you. In this article, we will go over several that you could do to make extra money.

1 – Power washing

Not too many people own a power washer to do their deep cleaning. Often, it doesn’t make sense for them to spend hundreds on something they may only use once a year. This provides a great opportunity for you. You can buy one of best priced petrol pressure washers that work well and offer to do their deep clean yourself. 

There are people that need their driveway power washed, or it could be the side of their house that has gotten mildew on it. Whatever it is to be cleaned, you can make good money for just a few hours of work without any special training involved. 

2 – Window washing

In the same vein of power washing, cleaning windows is also a great way to make money by doing a job that people would rather not do themselves. You’ll find many clients on your local High Street that have large windows that need cleaning. On the weekend, you can head out and clean a few businesses and make a few hundred pounds doing so. 

Make sure to print up some flyers and drop them at each business. Ask to speak to the owner and explain your services and you will be able to build a loyal clientele. 

3 – Blogging

A great way to make money in your spare time to start a blog. It can be done in just a couple of hours per day. If you set aside a couple of hours each day after work and on the weekends then you will be able to build a website with lots of content that can bring in money through advertising or affiliate marketing.

If you base the blog on a particular skill set that you have, then you can also offer online courses as a way to make money. The best part about those classes is that once you upload the videos, your work is done. People will sign up and take the classes on their own time which leaves you with a passive income. 

It can take a year or so before you start seeing an income, but for just a few hours of work at a time in your off hours, it is a good investment of time. 

4 – Starting a part-time franchise business (Bonus Side Hustle)

Many people do not have the time to start their own business and brand just for a short term side hustle. This is where part-time franchises come in these are cheap business opportunities usually ranging between £1,000 to a maximum of £10,000 these franchise businesses allow you to sell under and established brand name and provide training & support if a part-time franchise sounds like the ideal side hustle you have been looking for visit this directory to browse the best franchises for sale.