How to reduce your subscription costs by half!

I’m not sure I know anyone, other than maybe my grandparents, who don’t have a subscription to either Netflix or Spotify. Most of my friends and family have both, paying £22 per month (£264 a year) for the Premium versions of each- not an insignificant expenditure!

Now I am one of those parasitic beings who are still on the Family subscription for both of these services (thank you Dad) so I’ve not tried this myself. However, if unlike me you are currently paying for one or both of these subscriptions out of your own pocket then read on to learn how to save up to £139 a year.

What is a VPN?

A Virtual Path Network (VPN) is a way to change your IP address, and it’s your computer’s IP address that browsers and websites use to identify where in the world you are located. This is the means by which websites deliver localised content to their visitors and because disposable income differs from country to country some brands offer localised pricing.

Some people use VPNs to be able to access content that would otherwise not be available in their country. For example, Brits might use a VPN to access the BBC iPlayer when they are on holiday in Spain. Before downloading a VPN, make sure to check out the best vpn for streaming and read the reviews available.

Which countries have the lowest prices?

One of the limitations to Setup VPN is that, when using the free version, it doesn’t offer an enormous range of servers in different countries. Of those available, I found India to be the best option. So set your server to India and load the pricing pages for Netflix and Spotify.

Now the currency in India is the Rupee (INR) and, currently, the exchange rate is 88 INR to the British Pound (GBP). At the time of writing, the price to subscribe to Spotify Premium in the UK is £9.99 / month. In India, it costs a mere 112 INR, which is just £1.35 / month- that’s a huge saving of £8.64 per month.

The cost to subscribe to Netlfix Premium in the UK is £11.99, in India, it’s 799 INR (that’s £9.08)- a saving of £2.91 per month!

Is this legal?

Using a VPN to get preferential pricing for such subscription services isn’t illegal. That said, it’s likely to be against both services’ terms of use. How comfortable you feel about that is completely down to you.

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